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Related article: ANECDOTAL SPORT. 123 posed the scene was not carried on with the silence the sanctity of the place and the lateness of the hour required. The steps of some one descending the staircase from the apartments of old Dr. Craven, the president of the college, were heard by the quick ear of the giver of the revel. ' For hea- ven's sake, gentlemen, get out of my rooms, or I shall be ruined ! * he cried. The combatants were with some difficulty torn asunder, the head of the ex-quartermaster being rescued from beneath the left arm of the Brighton drags- man, who had succeeded in getting it into ' chancery/ and the whole party managed to effect a retreat through the courtyard to the porter's lodge, and gained the street. Here the combat was re- newed, and might have lasted some time, had it not been an- nounced by certain flying parties, who had, probably, been cele- brating similar orgies elsewhere, that the proctors were on the alert, upon which warning there was a general < skedaddle.* " The aforesaid Mr. Vaughan was, for five-and-forty years, one of the lions of the University of Cambridge, and became so popu- lar at the " Bell '* with the under- graduates that the dons prevented his license being renewed ; after which he drove the Cambridge " Up Telegraph " every morning from the ** Sun " in Trumpington Street, half-way to London, and drove the " Down Telegraph " from the half-way point to Cam- bridge every afternoon. Dick Vaughan was a great cocker, and one day invited the writer I have quoted to visit his cockpit. " I proceeded," says the latter, "to mount a ladder which was lowered from the reception-room for the admission of those who had the entree, and the entree being effected. was pulled up again to prevent the Generic Carbamazepine intrusion of the uninvited. Mr. Vaughan was divested of his upper garments with the excep- tion of his shirt, the sleeves of which being rolled up close to his armpits, disclosed a pair of long, bony antennae, smeared with blood. In his hands he held a favourite • black-breasted red,' which he was preparing to launch in mortal combat against a * duck wing,' for which another individual known as * Scotch George ' acted as second. Around the pit, which was formed of newly-cut turf, was assembled a mixed company, * Town and Gown,' all anxious for the coming event, and em- ployed in backing the bird which, in their respective judgments, was to be the winner. I will not attempt a description of the scene which followed. The contest of the pugnacious animals termi- nated in the death of the * duck wing,' followed by a yell of exul- tation from Vaughan, who was a considerable gainer by the even- ing's diversions." About this time a curious cha- racter, named Jemmy Gordon, was a well-known personality in Cambridge and on Newmarket Heath. A noisy, drunken, witty, impudent blackguard, who would hold a horse, sell the **c'reckt card," or do any other loafing business to get a drink. Nobody knew where he lived or slept. He wore satin breeches, open at the knees, no stockings, boots half- way up his legs, and a huge cocked hat on his head. Yet the fellow was a good Latin scholar, and earned many a half-guinea by writing exercises for idle under- graduates. He was no respecter of persons, and when under the influence of beer or gin, would call at the rooms of the under- graduates, and even of the biggest 124 BAILY S MAGAZINE. [August dons. Buy Carbamazepine Online One day he entered the apartment of Dr. Mansell, Bishop of Bristol, and with drunken eflfrontery, requested the loan of half-a-crown. The prelate, highly indignant, told him to begone. But Jemmy held his ground till the bishop, rising in great wrath, exclaimed, ** Vagabond, begone ! Return here when you can bring a greater scoundrel than yourself, and then 1*11 give you five shil- lings." And on the word pushed him out, slamming the door behind him. As Jemmy descended into the courtyard of Trinity College, he encountered a great pot, Esquire Bedell Beverly. " Mr. Beverly,*' he said, taking off his cocked hat and bowing, ** you're the very gentleman I was in search of. The Bishop of Bristol has just sent me in search of you; he is most anxious to see you at once, and I am to accompany you to his lordship's presence." Mr. Beverly was no great favourite of Dr. Mansell's, and was very anxious for his good opinion : so, although he was a little surprised at the messenger selected, he lost no time in following him. Jemmy opened the door of the room from which he had just been expelled, and almost thrust his victim into it. " Your lordship," he said, *'you promised me five shillings when I should bring here a greater scoundrel Carbamazepine Online than myself; allow me to present Mr. Beverly to your lordship, and claim the gratuity." The bishop and his visitor stared at each other for a moment, and then the latter bolted. Jemmy remained, and his lordship, either to get rid of him, or from a con- viction that he had earned his reward, handed him over the five shillings. Amongst the odd sporting cha- racters in Cambridge in my time was old Callaby, who kept a ** fancy establishment Buy Carbamazepine " in Ram Yard. There was always a badger on the premises for "gent's dawgs" to display their prowess in " drawing " ; rats, too, were always in stock for those who enjoyed the noble and exhilarat- ing sport of watching a terrier slaughter the terrified and help- less rodents; there was a raven who was a perfect marvel of cun- ning and wickedness and whom Callaby would back to kill rats against most dogs. But the most pitiable and remarkable object in this strange menagerie was a forlorn and dilapidated eagle whose melancholy fate it was to have to afford sport to foolish human fiedglings by slaying rats. I think I have never seen a more mournful and pathetic sight than that eagle as he looked round with an air of shame and humiliation on the thoughtless boys who had come to witness his degradation. So must blind Samson have looked when he made sport for the Philistines ! I shall never forget old Cal-